El-Kholy Consult is a small company with a big network that provides customised solutions to fit your needs. El-Kholy was established in the summer of 2008 and is run by business psychologist, Hanna El-Kholy. The company offers consultancy services to both the public and the private sector. El-kholy Consult has grown during 2013 and now consists of a talented team of consultants with a wealth of resources.

We offer a wide range of consultancy services:

  • Coaching and management development
  • Certification in Business Coaching
  • Consultancy and strategy for companies
  • Stress management
  • Team development
  • Education and training courses
  • Conflict management
  • Personality test including feedback and report
  • Certification in testing for both development and recruitment

Core Values

At El-kholy Consult we challenge usual behaviour and patterns. In order to create development, we make sure to ask the critical questions and are ready to present honest and constructive feedback. We believe, that this is essential when creating progress and development in organisations and individuals.

At El-kholy Consult, transparency is something we highly value and therefore, we only take on tasks which we can identity ourselves with. In order to provide the best possible quality, we adapt individual needs based on our beliefs and values. This is why it is important to create trust, which will be the foundation for success stories.

When we take on a task, it is important to be attentive. This means that we always stay 100% committed and present when doing a task. This involvement is necessary for us to be able to live up to our own, high quality standards


NEO PI-3 is a in-depth personality test made in collaboration with Hogrefe Publishing Corp. The test is based on the internationally acknowledged five factor model called The Big Five and is scientifically recognized for its validity.

The test measures personality on five different factors:

  • Neuroticism
  • Extraversion
  • Openness to experience
  • Agreeableness
  • Conscientiousness

Each dimension contains six sub-categories which gives a thorough and nuanced insights in the test person’s preferences and competencies. The test is taken electronically and the test person will afterwards receive feedback on the report in collaboration with one of our NEO PI-3-certified employees.

The test is used for:

  • Individual personal development, understanding of own ressources and weaknesses
  • Recruitment, insight in the candidate’s preferences and competencies
  • Therapeutic courses, opening up to new perspectives, behaviour patterns etc.
  • Business Coaching 1-1
  • Project management
  • Courses in facilitation with “visual tools”

We offer:

  • NEO PI-3 certification
  • Testing of individuals and organisations

Insights Discovery

Insights Discovery is based on the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung’s psychology. It is developed with the intend of gaining a better understadning of one self and the relationship created between people.

Insights Discovery focuses on four different color energies which each contains different types of strengths, possible challenges and one’s role in a team. These colors are:

Fiery Red
Sunshine Yellow
Earth Green
Cool Blue

Humans’ reaction patterns, behavior and understanding of the world are completely different. This is why the Insights profile type is an excellent tool in opening up to a great self-insights and gaining an understanding of different work relations.

Insights Discovery can contribute to a healthy work environment, success in the organisation by improving the employees’ and leaders’ way of communicating. Besides this, Insights Discovery also contributes to avoid misunderstandings and possible conflicts.

In a company where Insights Discovery’s profile types are used, each unique profile will act as a the starting point in developing an environment where employees and leaders will be inspired into performing their very best.

We have positive experiences with the profiles used on whole organisations, teams and individuals. The profile can be used from development of the organisation to leader- and employee development to concrete tasks in order to heighten sales and create better communication.

We are always ready for a non-committing talk about how Insights Discovery type profiles could benefit your organisation.

We offer:

  • Insights Discovery certification
  • Testing of individuals and organisations

At El-kholy Consult, we value fun and exciting learning. Therefore, we have taken action and created Escape Team. Escape Team is an escape room in Sabro near Aarhus.

What is an escape  room?
An escape has one or more rooms where the main purpose is to escape by solving riddles, finding hidden keys and most importantly, working together as a team.

Escape room as teambuilding
When the game in our escape room starts, your team has one hour to escape. Now its time to keep your head cool and solve the puzzles. In order to solve the task, one thing is very important – teamwork. Before entering the escape room, one of our business consultants guide you through the different Insight Discovery profiles. These profiles will act as the foundation of the teambuilding task.

The different profiles contain strengths and challenges which will be tested as soon as the game starts. When you have escaped the room, the business consultant will evaluate based on the profiles and give you a walk-through of strengths and weaknesses that have been used during the one hour in the room.

Do you want to know more about Escape Team?
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